Aalborg: Sofie Hagen - Dead Baby Frog

Musikkens Hus || Musikkens Plads 1, 9000 Aalborg
175 kr.


Sofie’s back and this time she’s angry. Well, she’s talking about anger since she has been left incapable of feeling, well, most things, thanks to her psychopathic grandfather. It’s time to talk about his funeral, even though he’s not dead yet. Sofie turns to the parable of the boiling frog for answers.

This tour is ANXIETY SAFE.

I suffer from anxiety myself so I know that live gigs can be terrifying. We all have our 'thing' and it can be hard for me to predict what would make you the most comfortable. So if you somehow feel inhibited by your anxiety and there IS something I can do, like, letting you in before the crowd, saving a specific seat for you or letting you know about the show in advance, you can email me at tour@sofiehagen.com and we will try and sort something out.


Going to the toilet can be both terrifying and genuinely dangerous for a lot of people, who don't necessarily identify with a specific gender - or who are trans. I wish for everyone to be and feel welcome on my tour. So the toilets will either be gender neutral already - or I will bring signs saying GENDER NEUTRAL on them. Some will say GENDER NEUTRAL WITH URINAL so you know where to go, should you need one of these. This is absolutely not up for discussion. Assume that I have heard ALL the arguments AGAINST gender neutral toilets and that I have made a decision based on logic and empathy. We did this on my last tour - and all venues, apart from a few, said yes - and no one complained. It's doable.

This tour has DISABLED ACCESS to all venues.

If you are disabled, I am so sorry - I had no idea how few venues had disabled access. As an able-bodied person I am so unaware of these things - and trying to make sure all venues were accessible was more difficult than it should have been. But we made it. All the venues should be completely accessible. However, it is advised that you contact the venue and let them know what you need specifically, just in case.

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