Stonebird & Salvia

1000Fryd || Kattesundet 10, 9000 Aalborg
50 kr.

Stonebird: A contemporary embrace of the 70's rock vibration The bands sound stems from the heavy- rock scene of the 60's/70's and from early american blues. On stage Stonebird unfolds their intense live performance - ecstactic and wildly entertaining. They have played in Aalborg before, and this time we are thrilled to host them at 1000Fryd.

Salvia Short story shorter - two friends from Aalborg who like making insane, insanely loud, two-ton heavy, original, rock as it was done in the good ol 'days! YEA! It's good stuff!

Doors open: 20:00 Show start: 21:00

Entrance 50kr

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